Research & Design

Somefly's R & D team is composed of professional engineers and has good communication ability. It can communicate and cooperate with customers directly, avoid the information circulation omission and demand communication error caused by turnover link, and greatly avoid the waste of time. Under the ISO9001 standard, from prototype design drawings to process test results are carefully recorded and archived. 2D and 3D software are used for drawing and design. The design verification passes the machining of parts in CNC workshop of the factory, the technicians of engineering department prepare the corresponding tooling, and hand over the finished product samples to the test engineer, and use different verification instruments for verification. Including but not limited to vector network analyzer, projector, salt spray tester, high-pressure tester, high and low temperature test chamber, gauge, tension meter, etc.


According to the needs, We can write a fast test program to accelerate the test process; or we can carry out 3D modeling and Simulation of the structure to detect spatial redundant interference; we can also use TDR method to locate impedance discontinuities.