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  • The adapter is an interface converter, which can be an independent hardware interface device, allowing the hardware or electronic interface to be connected to other hardware or electronic interfaces, or it can be an information interface.


  • 5G has quietly woven a world network, trying to capture the connection request of every 5G mobile phone, opening the window of the world to the colorful souls behind the mobile phone, and laying the stage for self-expression.


  • Development trend of RF connectors


  • On June 29, the Korea Daily reported that according to the latest news from market research agency Dell'Oro, in the first quarter of this year, in the 5G communications equipment market, Huawei ranked first with 35.7% market share and Ericsson ranked second with 24.6%. Nokia ranked third with 15.8% and Samsung ranked fourth with 13.2%.


  • The processing methods of various components in the manufacturing process determine the mechanical and electrical properties of the RF connector.


  • For example, the use frequency of a certain RF connector is 10GHZ, the use frequency of the cable connected to it is 5GHZ, and the maximum use frequency of this component is 5GHZ.