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When the RF connector meets the smart home, what kind of spark will it shine?


With the rise of the 5G era, the smart home industry has gradually developed and gradually become the mainstream, and the smart home market is increasingly demanding RF connectors. Therefore, when choosing to purchase RF connector products for smart homes, you must be cautious, mainly paying attention to the following two points, as follows:

 RF connector

One: The size of household products depends on the size of their own products. If large products have enough natural space, small household products can only choose miniature connectors. Fortunately, manufacturers today generally have perfect categories. So don’t worry too much about this;


Two: electrical performance and mechanical performance, this is very important, especially for some multinational companies, to ensure that the voltage does not exceed the highest value used, so you need to pay attention to the power standards of various countries. At the same time, it also needs to pay attention to many requirements such as impedance, frequency, cable connection, etc., so that manufacturers can give detailed solutions to avoid later troubles.