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Development trend of RF connectors


1. Miniaturization: With the miniaturization of the whole system, the volume of RF connectors is getting smaller and smaller, such as SSMB, MMCX and other series, the volume is very small.

2. High frequency: American HP has introduced RF connectors with a frequency of 110 GHz as early as a few years ago. The frequency of domestic general products does not exceed 40GHz. The frequency of flexible cable does not exceed 10GHz, and semi-rigid cable does not exceed 20GHz.

3. Multi-function: In addition to acting as a bridge, it also has functions for processing signals, such as filtering, phase adjustment, frequency mixing, attenuation, detection, and amplitude limiting.

4. Low standing wave and low loss: meet the needs of weapon systems and precision measurement.

5. Large-capacity and high-power: Large-capacity and high-power mainly meet the development needs of information highways.

6. Surface mount: Mainly meet the development needs of SMT technology (surface mount technology), and help simplify the wiring structure design of multilayer printed boards.