7/16 DIN Connectors

7/16 DIN Connectors are a kind of screw connection coaxial connector produced according to the relevant requirements of iec169-4 and DIN 47223. It has the characteristics of low loss, high transmission power, and most of it has waterproof structure. It can be used for outdoor connection of medium and high power transmission lines, and widely used in microwave transmission and antenna feeder system of mobile communication.

The structure of 7/16 DIN Connectors is divided into male connector or female connector, and the impedance specification is 50 ohm. The shape of 7/16 DIN Connectors is divided into straight type or right angle type, diaphragm type, 4-hole panel type or free mounting type.

These 7/16 DIN Connectors are terminated by crimping / welding, welding or welding / welding

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