NEX10 Connectors

From the perspective of NEX10 connectors product structure::
1. The design method of mechanical interface and electrical interface separation in 4.3-10 is also used. This design method is mainly to ensure that the electrical performance of the product will not be affected by the mechanical interface vibration, especially the intermodulation index. Therefore, the NEX10 connectors inherit the superior low intermodulation index of 4.3-10, and the intermodulation stability is very good, which is not affected by the external vibration. (— [email protected] )
2. There are still three types of male and female connectors: quick plug, hand screw and wrench screw, which are suitable for different application scenarios.
3. the NEX10 connectors’s size is 50% of 4.3-10, meeting the industry's demand for miniaturization and high integration of products.
4. The installation mode mainly includes panel installation and cable connection (i.e. cable assembly). At present, the main connecting cables are 1 / 4 super flexible, rg402 and RG 405. There are also applications in bundled cables.

NEX10 connectors electrical performance 
1. The mechanical interface and electrical interface are separated, and the electrical performance is stable, especially favorable for low intermodulation index, which can reach - 166dbc.
2. Support frequency dc-20ghz

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